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In today’s world, it is critical that social-impact leaders are fostering an equity-focused culture that ensures all internal and external stakeholders are able to contribute fully to the shared enterprise.

Elevate is a virtual conference experience designed to build competency in diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is packed full of resources and skill-building activities: live keynotes, on-demand webinars, virtual networking opportunities, online simulation, resource library, and more!

Elevate is a program of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and is sponsored by American Express. The content was developed in partnership with many individuals and organizations (scroll down to see our list of taskforce members).

Participants of Elevate are eligible to earn an e-Certificate in Equity and Inclusion that may be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile and other digital platforms.

“Imagine the impact our organizations can achieve when we embrace an approach that places access, equity, inclusion at the center of all we do. Elevate targets awareness and skill development, building our capacity to be more effective global leaders who work collectively with individuals of all walks of life toward the greater good for all. I look forward to seeing you there!” Chad Nico-Hiu, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, YMCA of the USA (+ Program Taskforce Chair)



Leaders will participate in three days of timely and engaging programming all focused on moving the equity needle. This virtual conference experience includes a combination of live programming (keynote addresses and chatrooms) as well as many recorded sessions available on-demand. You will build critical leadership skills and gain access to resources that will benefit you and your organization today and for years to come.



Our nationally-recognized thought leaders will challenge your assumptions in a good way, providing you with many resources and tools that you can continue accessing well after the conference is over. All live sessions include a Q/A session, providing the opportunity for you to add your voice and thoughts to the discussions.


DEI Resources

The online repository includes more than 50 resources that will help you as you build your equity strategy. In addition, there are many opportunities for resource sharing, including the Equity Expo – an exhibition where organizations share lessons learned from their equity journeys. Even better, you will continue to have access to these resources long after the conference ends!


We are flexible! You may participate in the programming in a manner that fits with your schedule and interests. Please note that to be eligible for the e-Certificate in Equity and Inclusion, you must participate in a certain number of activities.


Content for Elevate focuses on three themes:

  • Your personal journey (includes skill-building and awareness activities)
  • Your organization’s journey (examining day-to-day activities, culture, operations and policies)
  • Your work with community (taking equity work into the community)

Please note that times are tentative. A final schedule will be emailed to all participants. All live sessions are available on-demand 2 hours following the session.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
DEFINING DEI: A look at the current state of equity and the barriers that exist
Venue: On-Demand

UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: Focused on individuals
Venue: On-Demand

UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: Focused on organizations
Venue: On-Demand

A NEW PERSPECTIVE: An opportunity to take a walk in someone else’s shoes
Venue: On-Demand

Live Keynote@6-6:30 p.m. Central
Venue: Live Keynote

Thursday, April 19, 2018
CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: Build your capacity to discuss equity
Andrew Plumley - Senior Program Management at Prolnspire/Equity in the Center
Venue: Pre-Recorded Webinar

THE ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT: Do your policies, procedures and activities support an equity agenda?
Chad Nico Hiu - Director of Diversity & Inclusion, YMCA of the USA
Venue: Pre-Recorded Webinar

DEVELOPING YOUR EQUITY STRATEGY: Step-wise plan to incorporate equity in your work
Mary Morten - President, Morten Group
Venue: Pre-Recorded Webinar

Live Keynote@12-12:30 p.m. Central
Creating a Culture of Equity
Venue: Live Keynote

Live Chatrooms@5-6 p.m. Central
MODERATED CHAT ROOMS: Each discussion focuses on a different topic relevant to your equity journey
Venue: Live Chatrooms

Live Townhall Discussion@6-7 p.m. Central
UNDERSTANDING BARRIERS: A look at the architectural barriers that impede progress
Venue: Live Townhall Discussion

Friday, April 20, 2018
INTERSECTIONALITY: Defining and unraveling this complex issue
Venue: Pre-Recorded Webinar

CREATING ALLIES: An exploration of roles in achieving an equitable world
Venue: Pre-Recorded Webinar

MICROAGGRESSIONS: How seemingly small acts create inequity
Leela Singh - Project Manager, Morten Group
Venue: Pre-Recorded Webinar

Live Townhall Discussion@12-1 p.m. Central
PRIVILEGE: How privilege effects both those with and those without
Venue: Live Townhall Discussion

Live Townhall Discussion@2-2:30 p.m. Central
Miriam McBride - Center for Employment Opportunities
Venue: Live Townhall Discussion

Live Closing Keynote@4-4:30 p.m. Central
Continuing Your Equity Journey
Venue: Live Closing Keynote


We are so glad you will be taking this journey with us! We are excited for the opportunity to learn with and from you. Thank you again to American Express for underwriting the cost of this conference so that the registration fee is not a barrier to those who want to learn and grow with us.

    • $50

    • General

    • All social-impact leaders are welcome from public, private and nonprofit sectors.




    • Register
    • $40

    • Group Discount

    • Three or more attendees from an organization receive 20% off general registration (not applicable to those using Elevate for their CNP credential).


    • Register
    • $85

    • CNP Credit

    • For learners seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential who are attending Elevate as a requirement of the CNP.


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